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If you’ve had any experience of the internet and how it works, you’ll be aware of the term “search engine optimisation” or SEO. The intricacies of SEO have made Google the corporate giant it is today, so how do you maintain your share of the Google sensation?

Worldwide Visibility

Social media experts make a good living by advising business owners on how to ‘fool’ search engines. The way the algorithm works is the holy grail of SEO and is highly classified information known only by selected Google employees. What any business wants is to have their name appear on the first page of a search for the goods or services they provide. That way, your shop front is in everyone’s living room, lap or hand.

As experts in Gold Coast search engine optimisation, the team of web designers at Gold Coast Websites offers local businesses expertise on how to achieve this goal. The same rules apply to every web page hosted for every business. While you can pay the search engine company to make sure your name comes up using Google AdWords, SEO is often considered the more attractive traction option because it is generated by genuine consumer response, rather than selective advertising.

Local Strategies

People often don’t want to see the “Ad” symbol next to their search results. What they do want to see is at least 4.5 stars on the right-hand side. Ideally, this should be at the top of the list of “straight” search results. This gives the impression your company is top of the list on merit.

Of course, you will have local competition. Whatever goods or services you provide, the right Gold Coast search engine optimisation will give you the edge. With a Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign, for instance, you literally pay for success. The fact that someone has engaged with your business by clicking on your URL means you have achieved what you set out to do.

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For more about Gold Coast search engine optimisation, visit the team at Gold Coast Websites: or call us on (07) 5635 4224.