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Thunderbird email setup tutorial

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Creating An Email Account

Before proceeding, you’ll be required to setup an e-mail address within cPanel before setting it up in Thunderbird. View the guide here: Guide: Creating an email account

If your email address already exists within cPanel, please proceed with following the instructions below.

Automatic Setup Guide (Recommended)

The automatic setup guide is recommended as you will not be required to manually input any settings, simple download the configuration file using the steps below and your email account will be setup and ready to use. Please ensure that you’re performing the steps below from the device that you wish to configure your email account on.

  1. Log into cPanel (cPanel login guide)
  2. Select the ‘Email Accounts‘ option under the ‘Mail‘ tab
  3. If you haven’t already created an email address, you may create one now
  4. Select the ‘More‘ button besides your email address
  5. Select ‘Configure Email Client‘ option
  6. Select the ‘AutoConfig‘ option besides ‘Mozilla Thunderbird‘ & follow the on screen prompts
  7. Once completed your email address will be automatically configured on device that you’ve downloaded this file onto.

Manual Configuration Guide

In this knowledgebase article we will assist you with adding and configuring a new email account in Thunderdbird, we assume that you have already created your email account within your cPanel account.
Open Thunderbird.
Select the Menu icon.

Select Options
Select Account Settings.

Click on Account Actions and then Add mail account.

Enter your nameemail address and password of your email address and and click on continue.

Click on the Manual config button.

Complete the settings as follows:
Incoming mail server: This would be, where is your domain name or alternatively you can use the server hostname.
Outgoing mail server: This would be, where is your domain name or alternatively you can use the server hostname.
User Name: This would be your full email address. eg.

Click on Re-test, once completed click on Done.

You have now completed setting up your email account on Thunderbird.