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Lighting and Solar Energy Efficiency solutions for businesses!

The team at CIH have expertise in generation, lighting and HVAC.

With over 12 lighting engineers and designers, manufacturing capabilities and strategic alliances with many of the world’s major LED and solar manufacturers, CIH has the ability to expertly meet the clients needs and identify the customer’s requirements.

CIH is small enough to achieve new design builds within suitable time frames, at the same time we are large enough to ensure competitive custom pricing to your satisfaction.

CIH LTD provide proven solutions for tomorrow with the latest innovations coupled with state of the art technology.

Energy Savings – We take a share in the energy savings created as remuneration for cost incurred, it’s that simple!

Investors – We are backed by high-calibre investors so all the difficult choices are already made.

Maintenance – We install, fund and maintain the lights, an agreement term of 8 years is offered.

CIH have recently released a new range of lights that stand on the cutting edge of technological achievement.

These include a full range of industrial and commercial lighting that as a starting point achieve a reduction of 70%.

Independent Intelligence

Independent intelligence can now be introduced with each light (where suitable) – more importantly no hard wiring is required which means no costs of hard wiring is required.
Reductions of up to 93% can now be achieved at similar prices to standard market fittings.

Ultimate Quality

Quality is an ongoing process that incorporates design and technology, component selection, continuing test engineering and manufacturing testing. We not only meet but exceed customer expectations, requirements, integration efforts and field experiences.

With a standard 5 year warranty on all CIH lighting products and an 8 year Parts and Labour warranty through our WeShare program we can assure clients not only seamless transitions but hassle and cost free fitting life

Solar – Commercial

The rise of solar energy

Solar energy is renewable and sustainable. Solar panels produce zero emissions in operation.

For businesses the long return on investment can make investing in solar generation a difficult choice from a cash flow point of view. CIH’s energy hedging program allows you access to an affordable source of renewable power without the burden of investment.

The benefits of solar energy

At CIH we believe a solar world is a better business world. Our turnkey solar solutions help businesses lower electric bills, increase profits and decrease their carbon footprint.
We are partnered with world leading innovators who have been manufacturing solar Tier 1 panels and equipment for more than 35 years. We also provide a multitude of finance options and outright purchase. Where suitable we can offer our PowerPartners Hedging program. We have a solution guaranteed to be right for you.

Our team of experts can tailor your solar solutions to suit your specific regional and geographical needs.

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