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Peroxide-Free Teeth Whitening Kits

Hi Smile’s Teeth Whitening Kits are not only peroxide free, they are more effective than peroxide-based kits and after only 2 applications you will see significant changes.  Included in the kit are 3 syringes containing the peroxide free teeth whitening gel, the patented mouthguard and a LED light, all specially formulated and easy to use, as well as full instructions on how to use the kit successfully. The patented mouth-guard is a unique design which allows LED light attachment and ensures correct positioning of the LED light to best whiten your teeth.

Why choose peroxide-free teeth whitening products?

Choosing Peroxide-Free Teeth Whitening Products is better for your health, your budget and your piece of mind. Hi Smile Peroxide-Free Teeth Whitening Kits.

Peroxide-free teeth whitening products finally available in Australia!

When using Hydrogen Peroxide as a teeth whitening product it can lead to a great deal of side-effects for users. These side effects include chemical burns on gums and lips, brown stains, more sensitive teeth, bleeding gums, unrepairable damage to tooth enamel, receding gums and dangers associated with swallowing the product.

You can avoid these problems and side effects by using Hi Smile’s Peroxide-Free Teeth Whitening Gel. Using Sodium Perborate, instead of hydrogen peroxide, means a safer and more user friendly experience.

Using the peroxide-free product safely and conveniently within your own home, means no need for expensive and time consuming dental appointments and you can be safe in the knowledge that it is made from ingredients with no known side effects, unlike its peroxide-laden counterparts.

Causing no harm or irritation to the gums and mouth, the gel will not leave teeth sensitive or on edge and will not damage tooth enamel.

According to the European Commission Scientific Committee on consumer products (SCCP):

  • Hydrogen peroxide passes easily through the tooth enamel
  • After crossing the enamel, hydrogen peroxide passes into the dentine and pulp, the second and third inner layers of the tooth
  • The two most common side effects of using tooth whitening products containing hydrogen peroxide are mouth irritation and increased tooth sensitivity to temperature changes
  • The use of tooth whitening products containing 0.1 to 6% hydrogen peroxide entails potential risks for the consumer.  These risks increase with increasing concentration of hydrogen peroxide and frequency of application

Dentists around the world now prefer the use of peroxide-free whitening kits to avoid nasty side effects in patients.  Hi Smile’s Peroxide-Free Teeth Whitening Kit, provides a risk free and healthier option for whitening of your teeth and is guaranteed to perform better than peroxide-based products.

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