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Boxing Gloves Australia

Punch Equipment was formed in 1989 out of a small gym in Sydney. It has since grown into Australia’s premier boxing equipment supplier. Each product is designed with care and detail to ensure product quality. The staff at Punch Equipment have a wide range of experience in the boxing and muay thai industry. They are experts in the field and can help you choose the right product for your boxing needs.

Punch Equipment offers the best wholesale pricing in the industry, register online on the website to get your application started.

Boxing Gloves and Boxing Equipment

Punch Equipment is Australia’s premier boxing gloves online and boxing bag supplier with a large range of boxing equipment available online to Australian customers.

Punch Equipment sells a huge range of boxing equipment online, including: boxing gloves, bag mitts, mma gloves, hand wraps, strapping tape, punching bags, boxing bags, speed balls, headgear, focus pads, kick shields, muay thai pads, weight lifting mitts, fight wear, thai shorts, apparel and more!

International Customers

Punch also sells boxing equipment to international customers, including but not limited to; New Zealand, Thailand, United States, Singapore, Taiwan and more!


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