10 Web Design trends for Gold Coast businesses


If you’re thinking about a new web design for your local business you might feel a bit overwhelmed or just not really know where to start in terms of imagining how the new website might look.

Like anything to do with media and technology changes are occurring rapidly and now the possibilities for how a website might look and operate are endless.

We like to stay up to date with the latest web design trends and this year is looking like a cracker. Here are 10 design elements that are currently very popular for sleek, professional looking websites.

1. Go big and bold!

Gone are the days of presenting everything all at once on the homepage. Now, when you look at modern design you will first be greeted with a single big image, big font or maybe just a one-line introduction.

2. Galleries

Along the same lines as above, a gallery of images is proving popular especially when built into a responsive web design. In one quick glance, users can see high impact images that represent that a business whether they are using their desktop, smartphone or a tablet.

3. Images that tell a story

Web design isn’t just confined to creating a space for text, now illustrations are being used to tell the story. Instead of writing about a service or process it can be demonstrated through icons and images.

4. Navigation as design

We’ve all gotten used to the main menu being a fixed feature at the top of a website, but designers are now incorporating this menu on secondary pages as a design element itself. The options might move to the side, become smaller or blend in with an image.

5. Grid layouts

This is another change in direction. We used to see a lot of text or images presented in one long column. Today, you’re likely to come across websites that have a grid layout for their content e.g. think of how Pinterest boards look.

6. Single scrolling sites

A big trend for this year is the website that appears to be just one long scrolling page, instead of several different pages that you would have to navigate to via the menu only.

7. Responsive web design

This is a very important part of any web design today. However your website looks or navigates, it needs to be equally appealing on any device.

8. Real imagery

People and businesses are starting to look for a more authentic feel in the way they operate. So, beautiful photography or stock images are making a statement on websites.

9. Video as design

Of course, we all know online videos are huge! Now, instead of a video just being on a website it is part of the design e.g. a clip might play as the whole background image of a web page.

10. Personal branding

Everything this year is about giving a business or product a personality. It could be the owners face or several staff members, whatever the chosen image is it gives the website a real “feel” for who is behind it.

Of course not all of these elements should be incorporated into a single website. They are, however, great ideas to start thinking about what you might like to see on your website.

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