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Our eCommerce solution gives you full control to every aspect of your online store whether you want to manage products, add categories, view orders, add customers, track sales and much more.

We build professional online eCommerce Stores

Are you looking to sell your products and accept payments online? Gold Coast Websites is an eCommerce website design company that will help you help you build a website which will generate more traffic and sales for your business.

Gold Coast Websites can help you sell products online

Built by the expert eCommerce web design company with the right SEO structure, your online store has all the tools needed to gain search engine rankings.

Local eCommerce team

All of our eCommerce web design services are completed at our offices in Australia.

Increased consumer reach

Run complex coupon campaigns offering a range of discount options, usage limits and product / user restrictions as well as free shipping.

Quick, easy and convenient

Get a birds-eye view of your stores performance or drill down to check out reports.

Take online payments

Accept payments online with your eCommerce store. We partner with PayPal, Stripe, Westpac and eWay.

Personalised brand websites

We design and develop quality eCommerce stores for our clients. We also provide maintenance, support and expert advice.

Market your products

Do you have a Gold Coast business that you need to get online to start selling products directly to clients?

Online shopping cart solutions

Gold Coast Websites brings together an experienced team of web developers, web designers, internet marketers that are committed to excellence in website development.


WooCommerce is one of our recommended eCommerce platforms for selling products online. It comes with a huge variety of customisable features and it won’t come at a huge cost to your business.

WooCommerce is a widely popular eCommerce system and as a result, you can easily find a local developer to help you improve the website over time. There’s also a wide range of free and premium plugins available that can be installed. It’s also possible to install WooCommerce into your existing business website.

Do you need help selling online? Gold Coast Websites has the experience and knowledge to guide along the journey!


Shopify is a great platform for non-techy savvy users that would like a simple and easy to use online store. It comes with a well-designed dashboard that helps you manage products, fulfil orders and track performance.

The Shopify platform comes with numerous apps that can also help improve your store features. Shopify is all about speed and efficiently, highlighted by it’s use of a CDN to improve the loading of images and content as your customers browse your store. There’s also a wide range of themes available to customise the look and feel.

If you need help creating a Shopify store, Gold Coast Websites is here to help!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Not sure how the process works? Browse through our FAQs.

Usually, an eCommerce website from start to end can take 3-6 weeks. Of course, this timeframe depends on the project requirements and how available the customer is to provide feedback or content.
For startups and small businesses seeking an effective eCommerce solution, WooCommerce is the standout choice. As a free, open-source platform seamlessly integrated with WordPress, it offers exceptional customisation and flexibility. This makes WooCommerce perfect for those who need a tailored online store without the high costs.

Unlike Shopify, which might be simpler but is generally more restrictive and expensive over time, WooCommerce empowers you with extensive control over your eCommerce environment. From its cost-effectiveness to adaptable features, WooCommerce is ideally suited for businesses aiming for growth and customisation in the digital marketplace.
The best way to provide content is using a file hosting service such as Google Drive or Dropbox. Using these systems, allows you to upload spreadsheets, images and content. Then, you can easily share this content with your eCommerce website designer. It will become a central place where you can update data as the project progresses.
Generally, the cost of an eCommerce website comes down to how many products you’re selling and the features needed. For example, if you need a custom shipping quote system, the cost is going to be a lot more than a site that just uses free or flat rate shipping.
The number of products you want to sell mainly depends on your budget. For example if you’re selling 10 products, you generally will not need as many features like a store that’s selling over 1000 products.

Featured eCommerce Projects

Gold Coast Websites can help you build a complete eCommerce website that will generate traffic and sales for your business.