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If you’re not “current” online, you’re yesterday’s news. It’s very easy to fall behind as the nature of the internet means if you aren’t immediately adapting, your website traffic will likely decline. To handle the extra workload this adds to a business owner’s schedule, you’ll need a Gold Coast web design specialist to keep your website up-to-the-minute with the latest features.

1. Keep up with Google

Google is like the god of the internet and its all-powerful algorithms have a lot to do with its deification. Google is constantly changing the goalposts when it comes to content elements, website design and the machinations of SEO. So, to keep up with these high standards, you’ll need a Gold Coast web expert to help you maneuver through the rough patches.


2. Make web browsing enjoyable

There are tools available to make webpages much more engaging to look at. Animated links, fading between pages and swiping rather than clicking are just some Gold Coast website design ideas to enhance your site. You want your website to stand out from competitors, while you want to engage readers to stay on your webpages longer with interesting, informative or fun functionality.


3. Become mobile-friendly

Searching and browsing on mobile devices is the most likely way people access the internet these days. Until recently, some developers made the mistake of producing mobile versions of websites that felt like add-ons – and the customers could tell. A positive mobile experience helps foster brand loyalty because users will remember the last time they tried to find a product or service how easy and quick it was to use your site.


4. Use video to engage users

Video is a sure way to keep people on your webpages longer. People relax when they’re being entertained and seeing a real person using a product or recommending a service can positively influence purchasing habits. People connect well with video and with modern video equipment being so readily available on smartphones and tablets, you can keep costs down even with a small production budget.


5. Integrate CTAs on every page

A Call to Action (CTA) is what converts visitors from just reading your site to contacting you and making sales. CTAs should be scattered throughout your site in optimised positions to increase conversions, which is when a customer calls you to engage your business or make a purchase. There should be a CTA on every page of your site, which is appealing to the eye and easy to use.


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