Web Design FAQs

A simple business website will generally take 2-4 weeks. In general, the timeframe of a website build depends on a number of factors. If the website has numerous complex features, such as a custom quote system, it’s going to take longer. The timeframe can also depend on a client’s availability to provide their content and any feedback as the project goes on.
Firstly, we discuss your requirements and then develop a suitable game plan based on your needs. Next, we focus on the design stage where we research the competition and come up with design concepts. Then, we start developing the website on our development server and will send you updates as we progress. You can also provide feedback at this point. After you’re happy with how the website looks, we start the launch process and setup the web hosting. During the launch process, we have a complete checklist that we follow so that nothing is missed. After launch, we provide ongoing support and we’re just a phone call away.
We like to get our clients involved in many aspects of the project so they’re happy with the final result. It also makes them feel like the website is truly what they wanted and is customised to their needs. But some customers don’t want too much involvement if they’re busy and this is fine. We can get the job done.
Yes, we provide full training for you or your staff members so that the website manager can comfortability update the website yourself. If you get stuck at anytime, our friendly team is here to help.
The major ongoing costs involved with owning a website include web hosting and domain name registration. Similarly to a car, you will also need some maintenance of the website so that’s running to the best of its ability. Gold Coast Websites provides hosting for 100+ customers and we can definitely help you along the journey.
There are a few ways to provide us with content. Usually the best way is to use Google Drive or Dropbox. All you have to do is upload your content to the cloud and send us a shareable link. Otherwise, you can simply send through the content via email.


SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimisation”. In simple terms, it means the process of improving your website to increase its visibility when people use a search engine that are looking for products or services related to your business.
In short, yes! The process of fine-tuning your site to load quickly and with high quality content that is optimised for your users’ searches, helps your website stand a better chance of ranking well on Google search engine result pages.
All monthly fees are inclusive for each plan. There are no hidden charges!
SEO definitely takes time to see results and that’s why most campaigns need to run for at least 3 months. The timeframe also depends on the industry, competition for keywords and search trends. Ultimately, every website is different and there’s a lot of factors that can impact the results.
SEO is a long term strategy and an investment in your business for the keywords that will ultimately provide revenue. But if you’re looking for quick & instant results, Google Ads is the preferred option.
Yes, you will receive an SEO report at the end of each month during the campaign. We’re also available by email or phone if you have any questions.

Social Media FAQs

Once the quote is accepted and we’ve agreed on the game plan, the process is quick and easy from there. So you can focus on your business and we’ll handle the social media side of things.
Firstly, we discuss your requirements and then develop a suitable game plan based on your social media needs. Then, we action this game plan on the chosen social media platforms. During the campaign progress, we provide you with full reports and we’re just an email or phone call away to discuss the results.

Generally, most campaigns will require you to provide content, such as images and text captions. Then we take this content and create a social media schedule on each platform.
Yes, we can provide training and advice on how to perform small tasks, such as update profile picture or where to find analytics.

The ongoing costs of a social media campaign include the agency management fee and the ad spend. An agency charges a management fee to monitor the campaign and provide reporting. The ad spend is paid directly via your credit card and the platform will provide you with an invoice.
From Instagram posts to Facebook stories, our team can work with you on a style guide that perfectly fits your brand image.