How to Choose the Best Domain Name


Domain Name Purchasing Tips

Domain names can come in various forms: short, long, quirky, whatever fits. Theoretically, whatever you go for, the domain name you choose should endorse your business or services. When your first option isn’t available, you need to settle with an alternate name. That is the real battle behind picking a domain name, tracking down a viable alternative. 

Tip 1 – Keep it Short & Simple 

Length: Website owners swear by the KISS strategy (keep it simple, stupid). We’re talking catching and short. Long, multifaceted domain names are risque to read, and there’s a chance they will be misinterpreted or mistyped. 

Avoid Numbers and Hyphens: Non-alphabetic characters are frequently misconstrued. Envision hearing a site name with a number. It doesn’t sound right.

Intuitive: Be coherent; give your site an original domain name that offers a feeling of what you’re brand is all about. Possible clients can sensibly foresee what they’ll discover at that site. 

Keep it local: If your business is solely local, why exclude the city or state in your domain name? That won’t just be the right way to get recognised easily and instantly but the best way to become visible and remembered. 

Tip 2 – Find the Best Domain Name Extension 

Alternative Extension Options: When your domain name isn’t accessible in .com or out of your budget, utilise an alternative addition. The accessibility of thousands of new high-level domains makes it better to curate a memorable and short name. 

Tip 3 – Be SEO Aware 

Search engine optimisation, generally known as SEO, sounds more intimidating than it is. It’s a conventionally practised technique for expanding the amount and nature of traffic to your site through organic search engine results. 

Related Keywords: Use keywords correlated with the services or business you offer. 

Utilise Broad Keywords: While specialists frequently say that having keywords in your domain can boost your SEO, It’s likewise not astute to strive to incorporate exact phrase matches. 

Tip 4 – Use Your Creativity 

Length – Don’t be scared to abbreviate. It’s alright to add or modify your preferred option domain if it’s already been done. 

Distance Branding: Represent your brand and be remembered. Keep in mind and your domain name is the face of your brand – in the URL format. 

Tip 5 – Avoid Silly Mistakes 

Check and Take Note of Trademarks: Make sure your preferred domain name hasn’t been used by another organisation, trademarked or copyrighted already. The last thing you need is your brand image being mistaken for another site or brand, or more regrettable, encroaching on a current trademark. 

Semantics: You’ve, without a doubt, come across examples of some misguided domain names. How your reputation is deciphered is a considerable consideration you need to keep in mind. 

Secure Your Brand: Purchase incorrectly spelled adaptations of your domain name and elective spellings. It’s normal for online users to mistype web addresses. This way, you guarantee clients are directed to your website.


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