How Website Performance Impacts Your Business


Website Performance – How Important is it?

Increasing engagement and increasing the number of visits to your website begins with a positive website performance experience. This term may sound like a cliché — the experience a visitor has while browsing your website has the potential to make or ruin your business.

Basically, the performance experience of your website is the combination of the user experience and website performance. Whether you run an information portal, a directory, an eCommerce site, or just wish to engage with potential clients and users online, these two characteristics are critical to your success.

Website Performance & Page Speed

In a nutshell, website performance refers to the speed with which your website loads. Another critical term is website optimisation, which refers to the efforts to enhance your website’s performance. The page speed of your website will also affect its SEO performance. While search engines directly rank sites based on their loading speed, your website’s performance might also indirectly affect your search ranking.

Website optimisation is essential for preserving loyalty and user retention among visitors utilising mobile devices or with slow internet connections. If a person sees your website and cannot navigate it smoothly (due to the material loading too slowly), they are likely to click away and never place an order or get the vital information they were searching for.

As you can see, website performance is inextricably tied to the user experience. A slow website results in a poor user experience and vice versa. Since May 2020, Google, in particular, has used page experience in the signals used to build search results for some users. The page experience modification is making headway.

In general, the more you optimise the user experience on your website, the better your website will rank in search engines. Once your website ranks in the first few search results pages, you’ll see a significant boost in website traffic.

The website performance experience results from a combination of two factors: website performance and user experience. By optimising these two aspects, you can assure a seamless, streamlined, and happy experience for visitors who visit your website—raising traffic, increasing revenues, and bringing back loyal customers.