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International Green IT Awareness Week is a 7 day global online event (1st – 7th June 2013).The highlight of the week is the online Virtual Conference which will run live worldwide from Monday June 3 to Friday June 7. The main outcome of this week is to encourage individuals and organisations to demand more from themselves and their partners, holding each other to account for our impact on the environment.

What is Green IT?

Green IT stands for Green Information Technology. Information Technology is essentially the design, implementation and management of computers that both individuals and businesses use.

“Green” IT is essentially comprised of the following:

  • Minimising the negative impact of information technology use on the environment
  • Using information technology to help solve environmental issues

2013 International Green IT Awareness Week

The 2013 International Green IT Awareness Week will see a variety of programs, activities and initiatives hosted both by public and private sector organisations, and individuals globally. The Foundation for IT Sustainability (FFITS.ORG), the initiative organiser, will also be hosting a major virtual (online) conference during the week that will be repeated across global time zones.

There will be speakers from across the globe including: green IT experts, IT industry heavy weights, celebrities, government officials, our board of advisors and our founder speaking through live video conferencing, webcasts, live Q&A sessions and recorded videos. They will be addressing critical issues including: the cultural change around green IT, showcasing case studies, discussing research, presenting on practical implementation and implementing best practices for both home and business technology users.

Visit the Virtual Conference tab to view the calendar of events, including all scheduled LIVE Presentations, video webinars and LIVE Q&A sessions for the entire week.

2013 Virtual Conference Speakers

This year’s International Green IT Awareness Week Speakers will include:

William Ehmcke
The Perfect Storm Consortium

Thomas Gallagher
Associate Professor – Department of Applied Computing & Electronics
The University of Montana

Melissa Gray
Director of Sustainability

Melissa Houghton
Sustainability at Work

Sumir Karayi
1E Limited

Sundeep Khisty
Global Competency Leader Green IT
HP Enterprise Services

Ivan Kladnig
APAC Regional Director
Certero Limited

Paul Lahey
Service Operations Manager
Brisbane City Council

Thierry Leboucq

Tim Martin
Project Manager
Foundation for IT Sustainability

San Murugesan
Director/Professional Consultant
BRITE Professional Services

Frank Palermo
Head Infrastructure & Operations

Bob Sharon
The Perfect Storm Consortium

Anand Sivasubramaniam
Chief Scientist
Tata Consultancy Services

Bharti Trivedi

Mike Walker

About the event organiser

The Foundation for IT Sustainability (FFITS.ORG) is a global, non-profit organization.

The mission of FFITS.ORG is to reduce the negative impacts of technology on the environment and promote the sustainable use of technology to help solve environmental problems. This will be achieved by:

  • Educating individuals, corporations and government
  • Promoting the implementation of green IT best practices
  • Encouraging the development of more sustainable technology alternatives.
  • All funds generated by our campaigns go back into the operation of our education initiatives aimed at increasing green IT awareness and action.

Gold Coast Websites is a supporter of the Green IT Week initiative and encourages other Gold Coast businesses to become involved with the 2013 International Green IT Awareness Week.

2013 International Green IT Awareness Week

The Foundation for IT Sustainability

Gold Coast Websites