Mobile optimised websites for smartphones


Mobile optimised websites for smart phones such as iPhone, Androids and Blackberry’s are fast becoming the preferred method of accessing internet websites on the go. Everyone is turning to their smart phones to search for products and services on demand. This is why it is important that your website should be optimised for smart phones otherwise you could be missing out on customers.

Your website can be mobile ready quickly and affordably with Gold Coast Websites. Gold Coast Websites making your business easily accessible on all smart phones. If your website cannot be viewed properly on mobile phones you risk losing potential and existing customers, and this could mean that your competitors have an advantage.

Recent studies indicate that as many as 9 out of 10 smart phone users use their phones to search the internet for businesses, and many mobile searches result in some kind of purchase. What most business owners do not realise is that their website is displayed incorrectly, and even unusable on mobile phones. Many of the required features that work on a computer browser do not necessarily work on your smart phone.

What does that mean for your business website? If your website is not displayed correctly, easily navigated and has limited mobile phone features, then you aren’t getting that business. It also presents a poor professional image. On the other hand, your mobile-friendly website that displays correctly with all of the enhanced features can be very important in gaining customer confidence, therefore increasing your conversion.

Contact Gold Coast Websites and find out more about how we can build your mobile optimised website, or convert your existing website for smart phones.