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Energy Saving Lighting

Energy Saving Products International Pty Ltd (ESP-i) is a distributor and manufacturer of energy efficient lighting products for Industrial and Commercial markets.

With lighting consuming approximately 20% of the world’s electrical usage, it is becoming increasingly important to invest in cleaner energy saving technologies.

ESP-i have a team of engineers who are continually improving and developing products for today and into the future.

The resulting reductions of Energy Efficiency in Greenhouse Gas Emissions are becoming more and more important. However, energy reduction on its’ own is not the complete picture. At ESP, we are also aware that the energy solution provided must not compromise the safety of the working environment, and in addition must be able to be financially justified.

In this way, not only will we provide significant energy reductions, safely, but your bottom line will also substantially benefit.

  • LED Lighting Products
  • Energy Efficient Lighting
  • T5 Fluorescent Lights
  • Compact Fluorescent Lamps
  • Downlights and Floodlights

ESP-i is proud to be a member of the “Lighting Council”, the premier lighting body in Australia. Membership was sought to ensure that we can be involved in the initiatives instigated by the group. One of the very important projects currently under way is “Fluorocycle”. This is a scheme that aims to increase the correct recycling of lamps containing Mercury. It is estimated that until now, 95% of lamps containing Mercury end up as land-fill. The scheme encourages the education of our clients to follow the best recycling practises to reduce this figure.

Energy Saving Lighting