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Welcome to Innate Health Solutions Website from Naturopathy Teacher Guy Jefferson.

The Guiding Philosophy presented here is that through naturopathy, the human body has the ability to improve on all levels and this includes all areas of health, vitality and longevity. The truth is that if the conditions are correct the body heals itself, causes are removed and there is enough vitality, then healing can and will take place. This is a biological process is predictable, inevitable and can never be changed.

Quick fixes are often the flavour of the day in this fast paced world. The law of nature is Cause and Effect which is manifested by human beings on a physical and mental level each and every moment of their existence. Something cannot happen without there first being a cause and this included any and every event.

Our aim and intention is to master the truth about where both health and disease come from. Once we understand this we can begin to realize that it is us who is the master of our destiny, or the ‘captain of the ship’, so to speak, when it comes to our own health.

Taking responsibility for our own health and well-being is the most empowering and confidence building activity that we as human beings can embark upon is to take responsibility for our own health and well-being. If you can remove the ‘mystery’ of disease you can literally catapult yourself so far forward into your consciousness that it can make this experience of life a completely different one to what you are experiencing now (for the positive) for most people.

The primary aim of this website is to deliver common sense information on health that has been handed down through the ages that when applied can have truly life changing effects. The most effective way to do this is to have the site split into two sections, one for health, and one for fitness, as the two are so different. The secondary goal here is to decipher for the reader the difference between ‘Health’ & ‘Fitness’, and deliver clear, concise and accurate exercise description, programming options and personal training advice for the beginner, intermediate or advanced/competitive athlete.

Please read more and contact me if I can be of any assistance in your journey to better health, vitality, quality life, Naturopathypersonal training.