Nursery & Garden Supplies


Originating as a home school project, Nursery and Garden Supplies experienced organic growth each year. In 2016, the current owner, Matt, became fully immersed in the business as it surpassed its initial hobbyist roots. Presently, the company stands as a prominent supplier in the Australian Nursery and Gardening sector, ranking among the nation’s leaders.

Nursery & Garden Supplies recognized the need for updates to their previous WordPress website in 2023, which, though functional, required improvements both visually and functionally. Collaborating with GCWebsites, our web design and development team successfully implemented a comprehensive eCommerce solution to enhance the user experience on all fronts.

The revamped website boasts an exceptional responsive design, impressive product search functionality, and a seamless shopping experience. With these enhancements, Nursery and Gardens now proudly operates an outstanding WooCommerce store, catering to customers of all ages and varying shopping preferences.