Reliable, Secure Web Hosting on the Gold Coast


Websites rely on hosting services to make them publicly accessible. Unfortunately, hosting can also make sites vulnerable if they are not security-protected, which is a dilemma facing businesses as e-commerce increases. To navigate the pitfalls of web hosting on the Gold Coast, you need an expert team to help you out of the hard spots.

There are plenty of horror stories about how easy it is for hackers to threaten the integrity of your website. Not only this, as databases get bigger, hosting has to rely on software and hardware capable of scaling up. Ask any small business owner whether they know if their web security is up-to-date and they’re on top of the most cutting-edge IT practices and they’ll probably look at you blankly. This is definitely a job for your local web hosting specialists.

Batten down the hatches

Security is understandably a big concern for companies paying for web hosting, with client details, mailing lists and confidential information under threat from infiltration. For these reasons, a secure hosting service needs an SSL certificate. These Secure Sockets Layer files are the equivalent of padlocks on the gates of secure data and processes. If these are corrupted, the server is locked and will have to be unlocked by engineers.

While SSL certificates are the highest level of security available to commercial web services, nowadays even browser notifications have to be secure. This is reflected in the change to HTTPS addresses from the traditional HTTP in the URL. Therefore, the latest security is essential for a professional web hosting service on the Gold Coast.


Staying on top of tech trends

Retrieving data successfully, then presenting it usefully, are processes a web user is unaware of. These background operations have to be carried out seamlessly in order to function between mobiles, the cloud and various other platforms.

Servers themselves are expensive and complicated pieces of equipment. Their size has decreased considerably in recent years, but the data they hold has steadily increased in magnitude. Servers need to be regularly maintained and kept in a suitable environment. Too much heat or humidity can seriously harm them, which is why it’s often easier to hand over this type of tech responsibility to the professionals.

Physical proximity is an issue for servers, as local security means local maintenance. The less connections between a server and a client, the less chance there is of any unwanted attention in between. 


Look for local help

The team at Gold Coast Websites has servers in Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney. To find out more about web hosting on the Gold Coast, give us a call on (07) 5635 4224.