What is a blog?


WordPress blogging tips

According to Blogger, a blog is like a personal diary. Blogs can be considered a daily news feed or article collection used to share views, ideas, useful information, resources, opinions or simply personal thoughts. For business websites, we typically use a blog to keep customers and potential followers up to date with the latest events for the business, or useful information on the products or services they offer.

Your Gold Coast Websites blog is whatever you want it to be. Currently there are millions of them, in all shapes and sizes, and there are no real rules. However we provide the guidelines and best practises to our clients to ensure that your Blog becomes a powerful marketing tool for your business website.

Gold Coast Websites build websites that are based on popular blogging software such as WordPress. This means that our website platform is ready to start blogging! You write your posts on an ongoing basis to help increase your SEO. New posts show at the top, so your visitors can read what’s new. They can also comment on it, link to it or email you about it.

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