3 Ways to integrate social media into your website


3 Best Tips for social media

There’s a lot of pressure on Gold Coast business owners to be on the top of their game when it comes to online marketing these days. You definitely need a responsive website and to some extent, it’s becoming expected that businesses are active on social media.

You don’t need to see your social media and website as two separate entities, when in fact if you combine them you increase your promotional opportunities. Many businesses combine their website and social media activities for cross-promotion and to boost their chances of being shared on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest by their customers.

As part of developing a web design specific to your business needs we can also incorporate a few tools that will make promotion and sharing much easier.

Here are three ways we can integrate social media into your website:

1. Share and follow buttons

By now you are probably familiar with the little icons at the bottom of blog posts and web pages. They are little buttons for Facebook, Twitter, Google + and Pinterest (to name a few) that allows users to share your content on their social media with one click. Not only does this increase your social media presence but it also gives the visitor a better user experience.

2. Roll over or hover opportunities

This tip is largely about increasing your presence on Pinterest. If you have product shots or fun images that you include with your blog posts there’s another opportunity to encourage users to share on social media. The “hover” option means that when a user is looking at your images and they roll the mouse over it, a little icon appears that they can click on to put it straight on Pinterest. It’s all about inviting your user to share your image and making it easy!

3. Showcase your own social media

You can also consider incorporating social media feeds into your own website as this shows people your business has an active profile/s and that perhaps you’ve already posted something on there that they are interested about (meaning they can go directly to your page and re-share that information). Often we build these feeds into the right side of the page and it provides a real-time update of the activity on your social media.

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