Apple Watch: Already updating and improving


Aussie users are quick to adopt new technology, so we are starting to pay attention to the uptake and improvements being made to the new Apple Watch.

Apple have already announced their first major software update for watchOS2 — some updates are available now while others are earmarked for the American fall (our spring).

Available updates include giving developers access to new tools to “build faster and more powerful apps running natively on Apple Watch.”

At the time of the news announcement, Apple’s vice president of Technology Kevin Lynch said “We are thrilled with the feedback we’re getting from Apple Watch customers, and after just a few weeks of availability we’re excited for developers to start building native apps for watchOS 2.”

“We think Apple Watch users will love being able to see information from their favourite apps right on the watch face, and enjoy the many new experiences developers will dream up now that they have access to even more innovative features of Apple Watch.”

Ready for use now: You can access new tools in the WatchKit including DigitalCrown, Taptic Engine, heart rate sensor, microphone and accelerometer, as well as the software for audio and video playback and animation.

Available later this year: Coming improvements include more personalisation features such as using photos as a watch face, new “Time Travel” features for events and weather (to name a few), and creative updates to the communication functions including dictation and emojis.

Find out more directly from Apple’s Newsroom.

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