Convert More Sales from your eCommerce Website


Having an eCommerce website can be a great way to increase sales and therefore improve your bottom line. Deciding online sales are a good use of your resources is only one part of the recipe for success because your Gold Coast-based business will be just one among millions around the world. Plus, developing and putting such a site out there without online marketing is no guarantee of future sales.

To make an eCommerce website worth your while, you need to make sure your site attracts regular traffic that produces leads.

Conversion Rates

The difference between interaction with your site and the actual units you sell is called the Conversion Rate. A high conversion rate is what your eCommerce website needs to deliver if it is to pay its way.

The average conversion rate across all eCommerce activity is about 2.5%. That means that, for every 100 clicks your URL gets, you sell 2.5 products of any kind. The top 25% of eCommerce traders average 5.3%, while the really successful companies achieve closer to 12%.

Depending on your margins, the difference between 2.5% and 12% could be vital. If you really want your eCommerce operation to be an essential part of your business, you must determine what conversion rate you need for success. Obviously, this will depend on the level of resources you put into its maintenance.

Local Expertise

With a Gold Coast web development partner, you can run campaigns aimed directly at targeted markets. This saves a huge amount of resources, both in terms of the type of campaign and customer outreach. Your customers might be just out of range of your physical delivery operation, but near enough to keep costs low.

With a rapid response time, you can see how successful your eCommerce strategy is as it progresses. You are able to drill down into which customers are buying what, and who isn’t buying at all. Therefore, local eCommerce website expertise is extremely cost-efficient.

More Information

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