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How to automate your WordPress Blog Posts to Facebook and Twitter

Step 1 – Install WordPress Plugin

In your WordPress install, head to the plugins search and search for the plugin: Next scripts auto poster

Once you’ve found it install the plugin

Then go to the settings option.

Step 2 – Create a Facebook App

Go to and select create a new app.

Once you’ve added your App name (use your website name), in the app settings choose the following:

1. Add your domain without http:// at the front 2. Disable Sandbox mode. 3. Choose Website with Facebook Login and add your website link with http:// 4. Save Changes

Step 3 – Authorize Your Facebook Account

Now go back to your WordPress site and select settings

Select the Authorize Your Facebook Account link and you’re done.

Step 4 – Link Facebook to Twitter

Read this post to learn how to link your facebook posts to twitter automatically.

Thanks for reading!

Posted on Aug 13, 2013. Category: Social Media, WordPress
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