How To Tell If You Need A Website Redesign


Do you need a Website Re-Design?

Is your current website design costing you potential sales?

Your website is a reflection of your business. Not putting your best foot forward online can turn potential customers away.

But how can you tell if your website isn’t performing at optimal capacity?

Gold Coast Websites has identified signs to show when it’s time for a website re-design. 

Low Visitor Count 

One of the most obvious signs of a website problem is traffic. If the number of visitors coming to your site or enquiries have dropped off sharply, something is amiss.  

Your Site Is Not Mobile Friendly

Almost half of all website traffic comes from mobile devices. Google is currently basing its rankings on mobile rather than the desktop version of a website. So it’s incredibly crucial that you give your customers an excellent mobile experience on your website.

It Looks Outdated 

When was the last time you’re website was updated? To keep up with modern design trends and the needs of your customer base, regular website updates are the key to keeping your visitors engaged and therefore, needing your services.

Traffic Source

Nowadays, consumers can purchase anything at any time. While this is good for your business, it needs monitoring in terms of design. Modern websites must be responsive and provide an optimal user experience on all different types of devices. 

High Bounce Rate 

Bounce rate is the metric that shows the number of visitors who opened a site and then left before interacting with it. A high bounce rate indicates that visitors are not engaging with the page at all.

A redesign aims to fix the bounce rate problem by giving visitors what they are searching for.


Engagement metrics show how visitors interact with a site. These metrics can measure the duration and depth of the user experience. If a user is interacting with a website, it is a sign that the content is both aesthetically pleasing and easily accessible to visitors.

This has can be easily checked via Google Analytics as you can create reports, such as: how much time visitors spend on the site and its pages.

High Exit Rate

A web page exit rate shows the percentage of visitors leaving a site on a specific page.  Similar to the bounce rate, visitors can leave a website even if there are no on-page problems. Alternatively, if an exit rate is too high, that could be an indicator that people leave the page because of design issues.

Need a Re-Design?

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