How to Migrate from Wix to WordPress


Move your website from Wix to WordPress

Wix can seem like a good option for small businesses looking to set up their website because you can create a site quickly using their beautiful templates and the intuitive drag-and-drop interface.

However, its limitations become distinctive as businesses grow, and the time inevitably comes to move on. Are you worried about what will happen to all your content when you decide to transfer from Wix to WordPress?

For example, are you going to have to re-create them or, even worse, start from scratch? Gold Coast Websites has the answers.

We offer a step-by-step process on how to mitigate from Wix to WordPress.

Choosing a Theme 

Since you’ve been using a Wix template, you should already be aware of how templates or themes work – they allow you to quickly change the entire appearance of your website into something you will like. WordPress themes are similar. 

We can easily copy your existing Wix website design into a functional WordPress theme using your existing content and images.

Export Content From Wix

Unlike WordPress, Wix is a closed platform which means that you don’t get to peek behind the curtains to see the code.

To export content from Wix, you will need to access the RSS feed or just copy the content manually from each page. 

Import Wix Content Into WordPress

WordPress is an open-source platform and there are a ton of plugins designed to help you achieve different goals.

When importing content from Wix, we can either use a plugin called: WP All Import or manually create each page using a Visual Composer plugin. Choosing the best import option depends on the size of your Wix website.

How To Import Images From Wix To WordPress

You can open your Wix posts and save images one by one. Once you have completed this process, you can upload the images into your WordPress media library.


Another reason to switch to WordPress is its powerful blogging features and SEO benefits. Wix has improved its SEO efforts over time but it still can’t compete with WordPress.

Why is WordPress so good for SEO?

Firstly, it’s a platform that was initially built for blogging and comes with an excellent URL structure, which Google loves. The platform can also be easily customised via SOE optimised plugins and themes. WordPress is an un-bloated system and well-coded structure, which creates fast loading websites.

Mitigating from Wix to WordPress does take time and planning. But the benefits are definitely worth it.

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