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WordPress has a huge range of advantages for local businesses looking to expand their business online. Known as the world’s largest CMS (content management system), WordPress is used by roughly 25% of all websites. From its free open-source services to premium business applications, WordPress has proven it can do a lot for commercial organisations. Local small to medium business owners love the software’s flexibility and user-friendliness so, as trusted Gold Coast WordPress developer, our team can help our customers make the most of this great platform.


The most responsive websites

WordPress started out as a blogging site in 2003, so it was designed to be responsive and regularly updated. The reason the WordPress model has become so popular, while many others have failed, is because it caters to a whole range of developers and users, from the individual to large corporations. The element that remains unchanged, however, is the basic responsiveness of the WordPress format.

With its “Publish” button at the ready, WordPress can load fresh content onto your webpages in a matter of minutes. As search engines use content relevance to rank results, the more often a site is updated the better.

Another way WordPress is responsive is how it is displayed. PC screens, tablets and smartphones all require their own specific screen layout and WordPress is ideally equipped to manage these different formats. As local searches made on mobiles overtake all other types of internet enquiries, having a responsive mobile-friendly website can make a huge difference to your bottom line.


Look for local expertise


As an established Gold Coast WordPress developer, we know that local expertise is necessary to help local business. Knowledge of the market, what’s appeals to your target customers, and how to promote your site isn’t something based on global comparison. Talking to someone on your level cuts out a lot of time and money-wasting.

To maximise your website’s impact, occasionally it’s beneficial to publish fresh content to coincide with specific local events. A Gold Coast WordPress developer can detect the nuances of the local market in order to target a campaign effectively. Also, a local developer be able to customise your campaign as they go along, depending on what areas are working and which sections need more work.


For expert online help


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