Optimise your website for search engines


There’s a saying in the digital world about billboard advertising, which goes, “Imagine buying a billboard ad then putting it in the desert where no one can see it”. Basically, building a website, no matter how eye-catching and interesting to read, then not promoting it with search engine optimisation is sort of the same thing.

By now, most business owners know they need SEO to drive that ever-valuable traffic to their website, but there are so many more plusses for implementing a sound search engine optimisation campaign for your Gold Coast website.


Good SEO leads to an improved user experience


Search engines are like the bosses of the internet, whereby they can penalise or promote your website with the push of a button (well, a built-in automatic algorithm, that is). Search engines like Google are looking for mobile-friendly design, low bounce/click rates and high engagement, which affect how long visitors are staying on your site to have a look around. Great user experience often builds more brand loyalty and more successful sales conversions.


Ranking locally leads to increased sales


If you run a local business and are looking for local customers, search engine optimisation is critical. Without it, all the potential customers looking for your goods or services will find your competitors instead. People are out there, searching for your particular industry and if your website falls on the second page of Google, that’s a sale you most likely won’t get.


SEO boosts brand credibility


Ranking higher in search results gives the impression you’re a key player in your industry, so people look to your brand for guidance and information when they’re knowledge-seeking. Finding a good Gold Coast SEO specialist will help you rank higher on Google. 

The combination of fresh content by a professional local copywriter and search engine optimisation is extremely beneficial for your website. Once a landing page is SEO-optimised you can let your web specialist take care of which keywords are the most competitive to target, while informative and helpful content further improves your reputation with online readers. The fact that the vast majority of shoppers research a product online before they buy means the double-pronged strategy of SEO and new content is a winning combination.

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