The Importance Of SEO Keyword Research


It’s easy to underestimate how crucial keywords are.

The process of finding what people are searching online, figuring out the popularity of their searches and ranking difficulty can be daunting enough that many of us choose to avoid it simply because we don’t know where to start.

This is why using a company with a team of experts of SEO on the Gold Coast is what you need to improve your marketing results. Knowing exactly how to do keyword research specific to your business is essential, and neglecting it can lead to disastrous results.

Here’s why keywords are so important and how it benefits your company.

Why Keyword Research Is Crucial

Keyword research provides you with invaluable information about where you rank for certain keywords, which keywords your competitors are using, and how to adjust your keywords to beat them to the sale!

Tells You What Users Are Searching For

Although it may seem like it, it isn’t as simple as guessing what you think your customers will type into the search bar. Keyword research tells you exactly what they’re searching for. By targeting different keywords, you affect where your company appears on search engines when something is searched.

Keywords Determine Ranking

Search engines use keywords to determine ranking, which is why if you don’t know which ones you need to use, you probably won’t end up being the number one search result.
Wider Pool Of Potential Customers To Market To

Over fifty per cent of the world’s population turn to search engines as a quick answer to whatever problem they have. That’s over 3 billion people that you could share your products or services with if you use the perfect keywords.

Keyword Research And Online Exposure

When considering the buyer’s journey, you need to be able to understand the way they think and what they’re more likely to search in order to get them to your website. Think of it like a predictable step-by-step process where the focus is on getting your potential customer from point A to point B.

Point A is the difficult decision that needs to be made to solve their problem, and point B is the solution you can provide to solve it. If you haven’t done any keyword research before planning your content, your company’s solution won’t get close to grabbing their attention, and chances are you’re going to lose that big sale.

Let’s say your business sells sanitiser. There are loads of companies you have to compete with online in order to get a potential customer to click on your website instead of theirs. It all boils down to relevant keywords and whether or not enough research has gone into creating content that stands out from the rest.

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