Is WooCommerce Better Than Shopify?


WooCommerce vs Shopify

Are you wondering about the differences between WooCommerce and Shopify? The experts at Gold Coast Websites aim to give you the best advice below!

Gold Coast Websites is an eCommerce website design agency that will assist you in constructing a website that will generate more sales and traffic for your business—battling with picking between Shopify versus eCommerce?

In case you’re preparing to introduce an eCommerce store, we’re positive that you’ve gone over these two eCommerce platforms as they stand, by the numbers, the world’s two most well-known eCommerce sites.

Deciding which eCommerce platform best suits your business requirements is critical for how successful your business will turn out. We have discussed a detailed comparison between Ecommerce vs Shopify to make your decision easier.

What is Shopify?

Customised Shopify is an ultra-compact eCommerce platform that makes it user-friendly for you to design an online store, manage your inventory and accept payments from a singular platform. So long as you’re not stressing about the technical aspects of dealing with web hosting, caching, security and so forth.

What is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is an open-source eCommerce plugin designed for WordPress. It provides you to support a unique content management system (CMS) and use it to host an online store. You can tailor each part of your store and rapidly construct customised extensions based on the open-source nature. The choice to decide between the two platforms relies heavily upon your requirements and skill level.

What’s The Viable Difference Between These Platforms?

WooCommerce is more robust; however not as user-friendly for beginners. Shopify is the polar opposite – it’s highly beginner-friendly yet has some complex restrictions that you will not face using WooCommerce. As we go through some more specific contrasts, you will see this theme play out repeatedly. In terms of hosted platforms, Shopify is one of the more adaptable solutions. However, it actually can’t come close to the control that you get with a self-hosted WooCommerce website.

How Does Each Platform Handle Ongoing Platform Maintenance


WooCommerce gives you complete control and responsibility for your store. Indeed, the tradeoff for flexibility and adjustability is that you’re the person who’s responsible for maintaining your store.


Shopify handles securing and maintaining your store, so there’s almost no necessary maintenance or upkeep for you to worry about customised Shopify. You should remain ahead of any applications that you use on your store to ensure they keep on function effectively. Gold Coast Websites can help you build and expand products online to sell. Designed and curated by the master eCommerce website design agency with the perfect SEO structure, your online store has all the tools required to acquire search engine rankings. We are a local eCommerce team. The entirety of our eCommerce website design services is done at our head office in Australia.

Our Shopify to WooCommerce Migrations solution provides you with total control over each element of your online store. Regardless of whether you need to add categories, manage products, view orders items, add classifications, add clients, track deals and significantly more.

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