Top 10 Modern Web Design Trends for 2021


What’s Trending in the Web Design Industry?

Wondering about the latest Web Design Trends for 2021? Check out the list we’ve compiled through our observations around the current state of the web.

Horizontal Scrolling 

We’re seeing more custom website design services proceeding to explore different avenues regarding horizontal scrolling. Those who do it best break the pattern not for being unique but rather as a practical method to unveil secondary information progressively, as in a picture display. 

Parallax Scroll Animations 

Try not to let parallax effects distract from the important information.

Try not to make it harder for the user to finish a significant task. 

Retro Fonts 

Retro fonts have encountered this equivalent ebb and flow in their popularity, and numerous designs highlighting vintage typography haven’t matured well. 

We’re not seeing similar tired textual styles. Or maybe, stylization and a touch of creativity are rethinking what retro fonts can be. 

A Focus on Grain 

Unbending grids and flat blocks of solid colours can deplete the character of a web design. Grainy surfaces can give them a more natural feel. 

Augmented reality (AR) Encounters 

With multimedia experiences, let’s not fail to remember the entirety of the stunning vivid encounters using augmented reality (AR). More retail and e-commerce sites are taking advantage of the force of AR to help sell their products, and enable possible customers in the buying process.

eCommerce sites are gaining popularity, which is why trying out our custom web design services would be of great use to your website.


Another developing trend is designers are recounting stories through web experiences. This is the place where scrollytelling comes in — visual narrating that elevates the story and guides you into its narrative. 

Dark Mode 

More designers are accepting the dark mode aesthetic, with black giving the ideal dim backdrop to make design elements fly from the screen. 

Cartoon Illustrations 

Animations have acquired ubiquity as a method of transforming sites with a healthy dash of humanity. 

Geometric Grids 

Geometric grids are acquiring traction as an approach to structure a layout, with a bold and clean look.

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