Why you should use WordPress for your website


Most people don’t think about what it took to build your website. All they want is a user-friendly experience that gives them the information they’re looking for. Customers also respond better to great-looking websites, so if you’ve engaged a Gold Coast web designer to build an eye-catching WordPress website with all the bells and whistles, that’s even better. 

Most people don’t give a second thought to what goes on behind the scenes to create a webpage, but you should. For business owners promoting their business online, there are countless ways that webpages can subtly, unconsciously, influence the people interacting with them. 

WordPress is by far the biggest Content Management System (CMS) available and is used for a quarter of all websites currently online. An open-source CMS, WordPress includes templates and a plug-in structure that makes it faster and simpler for local web designers to build websites. These labour cost savings are usually passed onto the customer, making WordPress websites a very popular tool for small to medium businesses and local organisations.


What does open-source mean?


Open source simply means that the original source code that helps create the website is made available to the general public, so it’s not locked behind vaults in a big tech company that wants to charge a fortune to distribute it.

The idea behind WordPress is that the basic services are free, while if you want to beef up the software you can access a premium extension for a price. The beauty of WordPress is that due to its popularity millions of people are already familiar with the software. So, when your web designer builds you a new WordPress website and hands over the logins, your staff will be able to easily make minor edits along with way, without a huge staff training outlay. 


Access to flexible design templates


The fundamentals of running a business mean one day you may want to change direction or expand to grow profit margins. A major advantage of WordPress is that changes can be made very easily and cost-effectively. Extensions on other content management systems are usually template-based, so they come at a cost. If your business is launching a brand-new product or adding a service to its suite, these changes can be seamlessly incorporated into the web design.


Talk to the experts

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