Web content: The one writing rule you can ignore

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At Gold Coast Websites we strive to guide you on all things technical when it comes to responsive web design. Just as important, however, is the content you publish.

Whether you are writing some content yourself or working with our in-house content writer there’s one thing you should keep in mind regarding the information you publish.

This might sound like it’s going to go against everything you learnt at school – but when writing for your website it is ok to be repetitive!

Unlike a report or article, repetition is encouraged across your website’s pages. If you picture it this way you’ll understand why — people will access your website from different pages depending on what they search. A website is not like a book so a user won’t come to a front page and read every page to the back. One user might enter your website from a particular section like “Services”, while another user might come across your site via the “About Us” page.

Important points that you might want to include on different pages throughout your site include:

  • Your services offered
  • Your point of difference e.g. your location, niche skills etc
  • Point of contact
  • A call to action.

So, when developing your content think about your key messages and incorporate them across your website. Of course, you can be creative in how you present your content, but aim for consistent messaging across the site so that you don’t miss your opportunity to capture new customers.

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